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Can I ship to multiple locations in one order?

Unfortunately, you cannot ship to multiple addresses in one order. If you’d like to ship your packages to multiple locations, please kindly complete separate transactions.

How long will it take to receive my order and how much does shipping cost?

Shipping & Processing Times. Domestic Standard Orders:. Domestic Standard Orders with Custom Products:. Domestic Expedited Shipping:. International Shipping:. Shipping Methods & Cost. Please keep in mind that these timeframes are estimates and might

Can I combine shipping of multiple orders?

Unfortunately, we are unable to combine shipping with multiple orders. If you’ve placed your orders within one hour, you may be able to cancel them by contacting [email protected] and then re-purchase your items under one order.

I received a delivery notification, but my package has not arrived. What steps should I take?

Sometimes, packages are scanned for delivery before your local mail carrier physically drops them off–––frustrating, we know!. You may receive your order within 5 business days after your tracking has been updated to delivered. If you’re still unable

Will an order containing both standard and custom items be shipped separately?

No. Orders containing both standard and custom items will ship at the same time, in the same package. If you'd like them to ship separately, please complete separate orders. Any orders containing custom items will be subject to the custom processing

Do you ship internationally?

Yes, we ship to countries around the world!. Shipping, duties, and taxes will be calculated and collected at checkout based on the selected address. Please note: the breakdown of shipping, duties, and taxes at checkout will be in USD.